During these uncertain times, you may have reservations on whether to proceed with a contract/temp role. However if you have been stood down or made redundant, temporary work can offer immediate benefits

1) Improves Your Resume: Temping offers you the opportunity to learn new skills. This is advantageous if you want to switch directions in your career. It also allows you to plug any gaps that you may have on your CV.

2) Speedy hiring process/ Immediate start –. When employers need someone to fill the position quickly they don’t have time for an exhaustive search so are willing to be more flexible in their hiring requirements.

3) Get your foot in the door with a reputable company. Once in, you can access new opportunities from the inside and have direct access to hiring managers from within the company

4) Your chance to ” Try before you Buy” – If you are trying a new industry, temping gives you the chance to try out the company and see if it is a good fit.

5) Allows more flexibility  Temp work typically offers more flexibility so if you are on reduced hours, you can supplement with temp work and choose hours that work around your permanent job.  Just check there is not a conflict of interest with your current employer.

6) Financial Benefits: Temp contractors often receive a higher than average per hour rate.

So say yes to every TEMP opportunity, you never know it could open that door and lead you to land your DREAM JOB!

All the best!

Greg Kilroe-Smith
National Principal Recruitment Consultant